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DNF85 version of the Magic scholar brush map plus equipment to share

Magic weapons: 80 powder sweep (independent high.), No trace (as mysterious as the name.), 80SS broom (face fighter to wear), cattle broom

Tops, pants, shoulder pads, belts, shoes, these five pieces of equipment only allow the case of replica van cleef necklace clover false purple brush map add dots

Fake purple general choice is intelligence (preferred), the scope of magic explosion and intelligence (local tyrants can find Spirit Spirit is the magic explosion)

Bracelets, necklaces, rings, left and right trough these five pieces of equipment are only allowed to be bought and can be made

Bracelets: Sorcerer Lingzhu (fear of breaking the recommended move with this), insect bracelets (7% of the magic burst), the will of the generals (4045 skills plus 1)

(5th Anniversary Gold Bracelet.) If you bring a gold bracelet, do not take it anymore.

Necklace: Insect Chain (Economical, now it's a gold bracelet that does not stack with effects at the same time), Soul Hunter (First you have to endure the loneliness of the tortoise altar and then endure the price of the soul.)

Rings: Elwyn (Recommended dress often line also can, but that is the price of Alvin now.), Black pearl (as long as you can often buy a trick to recommend this), the ring of the devil is also known as killing pigs Ring (endure the loneliness of the turtle altar. Then 85 version

The four power plants used to bring the effect is very good), Titan enhanced ring (go independent to van cleef copy necklace consider.)

Left slot: Skeleton Knight boxing sets (easy to use and can do), Dragon left slot (12% magic explosion. There 10% crit damage)

Right slot: Intermediate tear (four attributes have enhanced), Titan enhanced beads (independent high), what to go to strengthen what to buy on the 65-level property enhancement stone (take the extreme considerations.), Dragon right slot Reduce the damage by 7%)

Magic jewelry three and left and right troughs do not recommend buying fake purple

DNF Magic Luke play tips recommend reading the second older driver

After replica van cleef and arpels pearl necklace the Magic upgrade time 3 pieces and ghost in the end how much the gap?

I will always like Guling cover DNF three super continent Magic injury NB After the national dress DNF85 version of the career brush chart list

Strong rolling pressure, dnf85 version summon violence brushed map plus some share

Forgotten common sense tips players summarize dnf common sense 30

Arad Forbes rich list dnf85 version of the station street ho

DNF85 version of the forgotten common sense and personal experience to share Dad encountered these equipment Do not decompose DNF90 class equipment Zatan
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Chapter 28 is another set of acumen

Everyone inventory their backpack, because the main vampire baron to deal with this is Lin Fan and random days, so people do not have much of the consumption, and Lin Fan and random days because of the go, did not attack the BOSS How much, relying on the treatment of the wind can pull back, so consumption is not much 'go!' Lin Fan came first, directly into the second floor, and sure enough, the second floor has been refreshed, when the forest Sail into the second floor, the corridor on a dozen monsters flocked toward the Lin Fan rushed to the chaos day, go to the hall Yinguai, there are strange! You help me card bit! The people around said: 'Meng Xiao and Liu Gang in front of the top, the rest behind me! Chinese style, I remember treatment!

Because there Liu Meng and Liu Gang in front of the top, Lin Fan simply do not need to move, is completely forgotten to release the crack, so soon, that a dozen vampires fell in front of Lin Fan et al !

'Is a sharp set of accessories!' Liu Mengxiao eyes a little light, watching the ground burst out a sharp leather quickly picked up 'burst rate here is much higher than the first floor, but there are many more monsters , You are in front of the top of the attention to withstand, in front of the first wave of monsters on the line, as long as my dehiscence technique, their hatred will be attracted to me, when they will not attack you, and you As long as the position is stuck! 'Lin Fan whispered in front of the three people, his ground cracking technique to display its need two seconds, so the front of the three as long as withstand two seconds, then Behind the fierce footsteps sounded, suddenly everyone turned their attention, in this view, the crowd could not help but breathe a breath, chaos days are desperately running in front of, behind, one by one Open big mouth, exposing Morinaga fangs with the vampire behind, hot pursuit. That number actually squeezed the corridor full, as if there is a feeling of being squeezed burst 'hands!' Random days went to Lin Fan, who said loudly, at the moment, so many vampires hatred can be completely assembled in On his body, as long as a bad, chaotic day flew back to rebirth 'ground crack surgery!' Lin Fan seize the time, the vampire is approaching the chaos of the moment, the cleftness tactics should sound out, instantly make chaotic days near A few vampires shifted the target of 'cool!' Looked at the front of a large piece of injury rised unconscionable side just relieved, said with a smile, then, replaced the cloud standing in front of Lin Fan, give Starting double dagger, while in front of the vampire hacking. Directly in front of the vampire cut over to the ground, 'I also come!' Ye Mengru said softly, then, a lightning thunder hit the past, bombardment in a vampire not far away, because of the equipment of the dark scepter, Ye Mengru The spell damage is also a lot higher, but also able to play a vampire more than 40 points of injury 'You can use double dagger?' Cloud surprised to see the chaos in front of him, messy two daggers fast agitation Bring out the damage, but also makes this the same as the assassin's cloud surprised 'dagger proficient, I hit the skill book!' Chaotic days whispered with a smile and said: 'is not a special skill to the late, this skill will Very common, you can try to buy it!

'Grace!' The clouds nodded, watching chaos skilful use of two daggers in the eyes of splendor, the use of double daggers she also read a lot, but the use of chaotic days so calm, really Not seen much, chaotic day almost hands together, here's the right hand dagger just across the throat of the vampire, the left hand dagger fake van cleef rose gold necklace immediately hit again and again, often two injuries are risen together, just that, on this Enough to make the clouds amazing. Such a shot speed and awareness, worthy of a group of thieves hidden for half an hour like this brush strange, because of chaos and other people's help, Lin Fan release skills faster than before I do not know how many times faster, Even in a short period of half an hour, put the vampire inside the second floor of the hall to solve all copy van cleef necklace clover the 'is a set of keen suits, there are two parts!' Liu Mengxiao surprised to grow up and said , Today's suit can not fight, did not think, here is actually an extra set of suits. This is undoubtedly Liu Mengxiao is an accidental hi, after all, with this suit, the strength of fake van cleef black necklace his side has increased a bit 'to chaotic days! He than I need!' Clouds smiled, facing Liu Meng Whispered, just she had seen a mess of means, of course, know that messy day to wear this suit, absolutely useful than her 'do not need, I have a purple leather armor, and three blue , Combined attributes do not know how much better than this suit, but that is not enough scale! 'Scraping the day shook his head and said hearsay, in addition to everyone except Lin Fan surprised a moment, Lin Fan can hit So many equipment, they have been very unexpected, did not think that chaos days have such a good equipment. But then I thought it will be relieved, after all, the strength of stealth thief, singled out BOSS is not difficult 'wait for me fifteen I can deserve three blue and purple dagger, to that time, than this The whole set of keen suits to the powerful, however, spare parts give me a surplus of it, my necklace and bracelet ring also did not fill the three locations. 'Chaotianhehe laughed, the extra two pieces of a bracelet is a Piece is a ring, worn on the body, but also to add a lot of attributes 'I have a bracelet and necklace here, you hold!' Lin Fan suddenly remembered that he was wearing a sharp set of two accessories could not help but handed it Chaotic days 'bracelet I have a green bracelet, better than the sharp properties, so long as a good, I received the necklace!' Chaotic days Hehe smile, took Lin Fan handed the necklace 'This bracelet to the clouds I do not need it! 'Liu Meng Meng smiled, even with this bracelet and keen suits together to the cloud Lin Fan glanced at his backpack within the Ghost King suit, fifteen blue suit, has been gathered Qi Pieces, that is Only three poor, if you will face the vampire Viscount when the ghost king suit can be gathered, then the strength of Lin Fan really go is a qualitative leap, but Lin Fan do not think they can be so perfect cobble together A crowd out of the hall, and sure enough, that vampire baron is still wandering in the hall, was chaos heaven to give a few knives to hack!

Lin Fan then facing the vampire Baron's arms touched a bit, did not expect to actually find out seven reels to 'crumple these reels, you can reach the second floor of the BOSS's residence!' Lin Fan whispered toward the crowd , Then crumple the hands of the reel!
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What to give birth to children give birth to what flowers are good

Fruit basket / joy: powder lily 1, sunflower 2, pink rose 2, bearded 9, pink carnations + red carnations intervening, the middle of the flag leaf, the amount of green leaves; imported oranges 3, Fuji apple 3 A red imported 1 kg florid: full of fruit, flowers bloom, bringing warm wishes. Let the smile bloom at this fake cartier love bracelet 16 moment. Happy mood, like flowers bloom!

This is a fruit basket with lilies, gerberas, oranges, and apples ... all represent beautiful meanings, but the two yellow sunflowers illuminate the world, illuminate the world and light up tomorrow power. The advent of children, for parents is not the kind of special power?

Different flowers, different moral, different special. Obviously, flowers are the best wishes for newborns, bracelet like cartier love bracelet fake special and wonderful blessing 1, when the baby was born, you can buy several sets of good-looking baby, fitted baby clothes, warm, and the material should be a generation better, 2, now people are popular to send bracelets, it has a good symbolic meaning, so we can also use this as a gift 3, you can also send the baby some toys that can be used in the future, more fun and interesting, Or educational toys, prepared in advance, this is also a good choice 4, you can buy some books for infants, nothing to allow children a little in touch with these things, although they do not understand, but need to see , Can immediately find and meet some of the children's psychological world 5, what to send now, there will be some babies need to be used scooters, small tables, these essential things, practical, not expensive, But also shows their sincerity, but also a good choice replica cartier bracelets 6, there are people who may be difficult to buy some baby diapers can also be used, Practical, but also to show the baby to care for the baby filled with wine month, as friends or relatives should certainly send some small baby gifts, baby full moon gifts they good?

1, if it is a good relationship, you can choose to buy a baby silver lock or silver bracelet, this moral is very good, it means that the baby can be healthy and safe growth, grow up rich meaning;

2, if the relationship is normal, there is no need to send so expensive things, you can choose to send some economical and affordable gifts, usually playing toys or wearing clothes and so on. Usually think of sending clothes, and now baby clothes, most of them are well-made, beautiful and generous, to send two sets will not lose face. To believe that the brand is absolutely right, penny goods, may be 200 400 yuan. Advantages: Baby clothes, no matter where it is easier to buy nice, good quality and lovely clothes. Disadvantages: the baby is the most important thing is the clothes, so still less to send clothes; if you want to send, the number should be in line with the principle of 'rather big', you can also send baby zodiac jade, jade is our country people like to wear pieces , It has a strong body machine function, but also to the baby can be shocked, there are commemorative significance of the Lunar New Year jade. Advantages: cartier bracelets replica Jade easier to buy, but not expensive, wearing the baby who will not have much probability of losing. Disadvantages: buy jade to be careful, it is likely to buy fake jade, more likely to be pit. But also a stone, the baby may not be wearing for a period of time 4, of course, can also send the baby's foot / bracelet / longevity lock, we can see a lot of children full moon, hands and feet will wear silver ring, it is said This can be evil, children are better worn, but also very cute. Advantages: There are special selling silver baby bracelets and bracelets, very beautiful, as well as packaging, Italian head is not bad.
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    Where did the time go to Mother's Day to send what ceremony the most intimate

    This article, the Virgo Xiaobian carefully selected to produce an exclusive gift guide, whether you want to be honored is the simple and honest hardworking mother, or focus on quality of life Goddess mother, or vitality of four Shooting fashion hot mom, Xiaobian you are divided into categories for the selection of the article's finishing touch, is the last of the DIY part, mom take the rhythm. see details

    Jingdong star appliances topic

    Mother's health is the most important, the current hot products, electronic sphygmomanometer, foot tub, health scale countless, not around you can always concerned about the health of Mom? Smart electronic smart sphygmomanometer, with long-distance mobile phone monitoring values, long standby, health numerical analysis and other functions, easy to carry, you can always monitor the mother's blood pressure condition, to her health tips. Now Lynx mall for only 299 yuan package. see details

    Smart heart sphygmomanometer

    Second, moving the goddess of attention to quality mom

    On the mother's skin care products, Xiaobian extravagant Bai Que Ling, this is not groundless, the mother visited the Tanzanian Women and Development Foundation, the Bai Que ante gifts as gifts, which at least greatly enhance its credibility, wait and see The major e-commerce, Lynx Mall Bai Que Ling flagship store activities is undoubtedly the most forceful, the audience genuine, single product affordable, the actual purchase of 169 yuan will be presented with bamboo fans and travel packages spree. see details

    Bai Que Thousand Lynx Lynx flagship store

    Goddess mother jewelry box will always be missing one, buy gold and silver jewelry, not only to the mother veneer and hedge, Jingdong Chow Sang Sang shop Mother's Day special, the purchase is the greeting card, over 1,500 yuan to send Estee Lauder anti-wrinkle eye cream, sun single There are surprises, compared to the store, discount rate is quite large. Check out the details or go to the carpenter flagship store for the mother to choose Mu comb and Phoebe bracelets, while health care also have the effect Gold and silver jewelry Chow Sang Sang

    Pleased to like the flowers, the mother can go to Jingdong Mall to choose the national copy cartier 18k love bracelet courier services, which full range of flowers, the national courier. See details Familiar with the style of wearing a mother can be bold to move closer to the dress shoes, but the selection should be cautious. see details

    Jingdong flowers national courier

    Third, get dynamic fashion tide mom

    Get fashion tide mom, it is better to go straight to build sophisticated, retina version of the ipad mini2 is not bad, ha ha, think Mom out handheld apple small board children, but then pull the wind however. The current iPad mini 2 egg network for only 2688 yuan, the lowest price the whole network. see details

    Mini small shiny children board

    If you encounter love outdoor play mom, a good outdoor cartier love bangle replica equipment can also get her. This north trench coat is not bad, multicolor optional. Spring travel essential single product. Jingdong 349 yuan a day only on the 6th. see details

    Multicolor optional

    Fourth, the following program a little time, but Mom take it easy

    1, the tongue on the popular China is no 18k cartier love bracelet replica accident, the fusion of food and emotion to seize the most people's emotions, food culture in China, cooking always replica cartier love bangle sustenance of emotional factors, eating the mother so many good technology, but also It's time for us to show off Desserts and cakes for her sweet-tasting mom, or a table-top meal, have to be carefully chosen without a partner. see details

    2, set up on the weekend of the Mother's Day also seemed caring, not because of work time to take care of her mother, so that the mother is also a literary, take her to leave to say it (the ultimate Raiders) 3, DIY Cheats: to Mom made a set of cards, clips of life video, the rest of the imagination to enjoy it. PS and editing partners do not have to know more about me, and other partners to see understanding, Xiaobian can only help you to the gift may not be so important, but pinned on the heart. It is always best to go home and spend time with them. Finally, give a sincere greeting to all mothers.
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    Amy can expect to wear high heels mother?

    Recently, the belly Li Xiang to attend the 'Panda heroes' publicity, and sometimes become the focus of entertainment. I saw the pregnant stomach of pregnant 6 months Li Xiang, although it became full of pregnant, white hands and feet a lot of crude, but she was dressed in a panda dress, a little makeup, pedal a pair of 5 cm high heels, it seems not afraid Fall abortion, which she explained mainly because the doctor told the 6-month-old mother wearing a slightly higher shoes with the benefits, you can make your body to maintain better. This statement science? Pregnant, beauty of the expectant mothers who can make-up, wearing jewelry, wearing high heels?

    When pregnant, the metabolism of pregnant women will also be changed, the body prone to Shuinazhuliu, the formation of tissue swelling. Therefore, many pregnant women's fingers, arms, lower extremities, etc. will be correspondingly thicker, larger. If you wear a ring jewelry, it is easy because of too tight and affect the limb blood circulation, especially in the edema during pregnancy, the original ring will become tight, if not removed in time, it may not pick it down , Long down, not only affect the blood circulation, but also lead to local skin damage. The same problem occurs with the jade bracelet. Due to thickening of the limbs, the originally bracelet of jade bracelets that can be freely moved can not be removed. It also brings many unnecessary troubles to the pregnant woman in the operating room, such as impeding the infusion and the vein Puncture, etc. In addition, due to more summer sweat, metal jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets contained in nickel, chromium will dissolve in sweat and can penetrate the skin, causing contact dermatitis, so pregnant women in summer is more appropriate Wear jewelry, in particular, do not wear jewelry to sleep Therefore, fake van cleef and arpels emerald ring expectant mothers during pregnancy should also be their own health as much as possible to remove the body of jewelry, such as insisted on wearing, but also adjust the model, not Le appropriate. But before going to the hospital to be prenatal, to remove all the jewelry, stay at home, more convenient when checking. Amy pregnant mothers doubt 2: can make-up after pregnancy?

    After pregnancy, cosmetics should be minimal or no use. Because many cosmetic ingredients have a stimulating effect, such as improper use, can cause folliculitis, allergies and other skin reactions. In recent years, some people even found that some low-quality cosmetics contain carcinogenic chemical composition, so pregnant women should be based on the type of skin and skin changes after pregnancy choose cosmetics pregnancy, the skin prone to acne, acne and other small lumps, which is due to the body after pregnancy Hormonal disorders caused by this time do not often change the often used cosmetics, so skin does not adapt. As long as regular wash, keep the face clean and adequate rest and proper nutrition, after the first 5 months of pregnancy, everything will naturally be good in the second trimester, reduce the secretion of sebum, the skin will become rough, make-up can be used soap, apply after Cold cream gently massage, followed by a hot towel wipe off, then moisturizing lotion. Pregnancy, the skin is very sensitive, but also must use less cosmetics, so as to avoid more spots In addition, go to the hospital for regular prenatal examination after pregnancy, try not to make up, because cosmetics can mask the face of pregnant women, affecting the doctor's correct judgments but to Note that during pregnancy, especially lipstick is not applied, because lipstick contains lanolin in addition to the air will be harmful to the human body of heavy metals and trace elements, but also may adsorb Escherichia coli into the fetus, but also a certain permeability. Pregnant women apply lipstick, some of the harmful substances in the air easily adsorbed on the lips, and with the saliva invade the body, so pregnant fetus victim belly. Amy pregnancy question 3: nail polish can be painted after pregnancy?

    Pregnant women should not nail polish, so as not to harm the fetus. Nail polish currently on the market is mostly based on nitrocellulose, with acetone, ethyl ester, butyl ester, phthalic acid and other chemical solvents and plasticized and colored dyes made of these chemicals have a certain degree of poisoning to the human body effect. When pregnant women eat by hand, the noxious chemicals in nail polish easily enter the body with the food and can enter the fetus through the placenta and blood. Over time, it will affect the fetus's health. In addition, pregnant women smear nail polish will also affect your Production inspection, because the nail color sometimes need to be used as a doctor's diagnostic reference, such as anemia, heart disease, painted nail polish can not make the right judgment Amy pregnant mothers question 4: after pregnancy can dye it?

    In order to ensure the baby's health, please pregnant mothers do not dye hair, use any hair dye or perm agent. Because the average hair dye are greedy dozens of chemical components, including organic solvents and lead, these components of the nervous and blood system and blood damage, pregnant women contact and absorption of these substances will pass through the placenta into the fetus Blood, pay to deal damage. So it is best not to dye hair during pregnancy. According to many years of research by French medical experts, after a woman is pregnant, her hair is not only very fragile but also easily detached. If the chemical permed hair perm, it will exacerbate hair loss, and lead to fetal malformations. Amy pregnant question 5: can wear high heels after pregnancy it?

    In fact, pregnant and wearing high heels are not necessarily linked, but expectant mothers who need to understand is that during pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters, mothers stomach becomes larger and larger, the body's center of gravity will gradually move forward, wearing high heels Not only will it aggravate the burden of back and back muscles and feet while standing or walking, but will also make the body stand upright, and if it falls by accident, it is no joke. In addition, high heels soles, upper hard, not conducive to lower extremity blood circulation. Because of hormonal changes, expectant mother's leg edema has always been very serious, the soles of the feet are also more likely to sweat, so wearing high heels will make you feel very uncomfortable, but also lead to back, leg pain and other conditions so once wearing high heels found Do not wear after imitation van cleef & arpels engagement ring feeling ill Because the mother is not comfortable will lead to changes in mood, thereby affecting the development of the fetus. So to be on the safe side, Amy's mommy still put up for the time being. Of course, a short time wearing high heels will not affect the baby. For mothers and mothers who work hard, you can still show off your style when attending a formal occasion by preparing just the right pair of high-heeled shoes in the right height. Amy pregnant question 4: can wear jeans after pregnancy?

    Under normal circumstances, 4 to 5 months of pregnancy, when pregnant belly has been significantly convex, tight jeans at this time appears to fit, and if continue to wear, will oppress the development of the fetus. Mothers can then choose some breathable, cotton, designed for pregnant women, jeans, so that both to avoid oppression to the fetus, but also to avoid the increase of pregnancy secretions cause vulvar infections. However, experts suggest that during pregnancy, pregnant women should dress style loose, comfortable principle, the texture of a gentle, wash, water, breathable principle to keep the skin clean and comfortable during imitation van cleef butterfly ring pregnancy, especially in the summer. So beauty of expectant mothers should seriously consider the usual belly baby clothes Oh.
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    Set of 40 episodes plot finale plot

    White father quarrel with Bai Jiawei, white father angrily do not understand their own Bai Jiawei himself is for this home, the father and son have a dispute, Soho said out of their own out, betrayed each other are themselves, To fight each other, the result was stopped by Bai Jiawei. White father angry heart pain, fell on the sofa. Several people celebrated the successful takeover of shares, but Kang Jie suddenly the disease attack again, fell to the ground. Fang Yixuan saw in the drawer when I was a child to Kang Jie's doll, understand each other's own mind. Fang Yixuan accused Kang Jie of why he did not tell himself, but Kang Jie said it was not so painful for each other. When the two men embraced and wept, Fang Yixuan and Bai Jiawei were divorced. Both of them were very happy and were relieved of divorce. Fang Yixuan talk with Kang Jie, said the days to spend with each other. Mu Xiaoyan received a letter of acceptance from the Design Institute, which was previously used by Shixi. Both Mu Xiaoyan and Hua Tianqi talk late at night, and the two decided to translate this feeling into a blessing and fake van cleef and arpels ring price peace for each other. But after Mu Xiaoyan left Hua Tian Qi's assistant gave him a look at Mu Xiaoyan's diary, Hua Tianqi understood Mu Xiaoyan how much to love him. Hua Tian Qi Fang Yi Fang took the bracelet in the woods inside affectionate call, I hope Fang Yifei happiness in another world, Kang Jie decided surgery, Fang Yixuan Kang Jie into the operating room. Mu imitation van cleef and arpels flower ring Xiaoyan will fake van cleef wedding ring go to school, but when everyone farewell received a text message to meet the tree. Mu Xiaoyan came to wishing tree, here is a catwalk, the clothes are designed before Mu Xiaoyan works. Mu Xiaoyan very touched, and Hua Tian Qi Mu Xiaoyan also made a confession. Hua Tianqi gave Mu Xiaoyan a ring, two people kiss in the wishing tree, reunited in good. White father and Zhang Bo finally got the sanctions, but Shu Xhi also came back. She fell to the water after drifting to a small fishing village, was saved. Shu-Greek Shu re-took the company, but this time Fang Xuan Xuan is waiting anxiously outside the surgery progress of surgery
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    A generation of big business Meng Luochuan diversity plot introduction 31

    Twelve years have passed, middle-aged Meng Luochuan and Wang Xueying has three sons. Elon Barker accompanied by a Japanese woman, worshiping her parents. S Wen-ying reported to Mengluchuan that a Japanese firm called Jinan Ying-ying was listed in Jinan, whose yarn prices and cloth prices were surprisingly low. A sense of crisis flooded Melunchuan's heart. Jinan cloth dispensers looking for Meiluochuan and Sven Wen discuss countermeasures, said that because of the low sales of Japanese firms, the local firm is facing a serious crisis. Sand Wenying inquire, Yinghua foreign firms owner Jiro Matsubara Jiro, while the manager is the Ailon standard. Cheng Ka-kui, who teaches at the business school, got information about the imperial background of Jiro Matsubara and what they now call dumping. It is an improper commercial measure. Alon Jiro Matsubara Jurgen introduced the current layout of Jinan cloth, so Loan yarn-based organizations. To destroy this pattern, it is necessary to start dumping from the cloth number. Ailon standard first found Geng Baokun, driven by the interests of Geng who agreed Geng Baokun Oriental yarn business proposition thirty-second

    Meng Luochuan initiated the establishment of Jinan cloth guild, to unite against Japan. Qianxiang Yi did not participate. Ruixiang Xiang support investment trade associations to carry out credit, people can see on credit, have returned to the local firm. Yinghua foreign bank's first step attack is resolved. Matsubara Jiro and Ai Long labeled a way to disrupt the fabric guild by the interests of Geng Baokun pulled away by a number of cloth headed by Sun Jie. The cloth guilds greatly saddened and disappointed with some people's betrayal. Sandy Wen told everyone that Mulanchuan had long been expected. After all, merchants are an interest-oriented group as a whole. Cheng Ka-ku sent the news, Ying-hua foreign firms aimed at undermining Shandong's cotton textile industry, thereby seizing Shandong's cotton resources. Meng Luochuan more determined to crush Yinghua foreign firms determination. Sha Wen-ying and Cheng Chia-ju talked about the dumping of Yinghua Foreign Affairs Bank to the British and French firms in Shanghai and they would certainly intervene after seeing Japan's violation of their own interests. Jiro Matsubara received a frontline telegram that Japan and China were in a stalemate in North Korea's war situation and must seize Shandong's cotton resources as soon as possible in order to cut off the logistical supplies of the Qing soldiers. Hu prefect Hu induces Jiro Matsubara, promulgated a notice asking people to buy Oriental yarn. Meng Luochuan hurriedly told the Hu prefect to clarify the interests, but was Hu Zhi Fu 撵 go out to the thirteenth bvlgari ring imitation necklace set

    The Alon Standard was touched as a result of a face-to-face interview with Mr. Mengluochu about Ailon, telling him the grave consequences of helping to avenge himself. Ailon standard kneeling in front of his parents grave, between individual hatred and national interests, the heart struggles. S Wenying came out to explain the interests of the people, but there are still some people to buy yarn. Cheng Jia-kuh went to Shanghai to notify the foreign-currency supervisors of Britain and France that they were escorted to the airport and the foreign-related taxis were urgently reported. The consular guarantee of the two countries will prevent Japan from further dumping so as to ensure the interests of its traders in China. After seeing the Ailon standard wavering, Jiro Matsubara sent people to dig the grave of the Aaron-standard parents and planted them to the Mirochuan. Elon's vow swear and Meng Luochuan irreconcilable. Under the intervention of Britain and France, Jiro Matsubara had to stop dumping. Ailong standard again out of a meter, grab the cotton, to achieve the purpose of drafting the bottom of the pot. The face of well-funded Yinghua foreign trip, Mengluochuan decided to mortgage all property, raise funds, and Yinghua foreign bank grab cotton, the last duel set thirty-fourth

    In the struggle to grab the cotton, both the Ailongr and Mengluochuan realized Qianxiang's important position. Just as Geng Bao-kun was about to persuade Geng to book cotton for Yinghua Ocean Bank, when Meng Luochuan arrived, he explained to Mrs. Geng the ins and outs of the matter and expressed his desire to cooperate with local firms. Geng proposed the generous benefits given by Japan's foreign bank. Meng Luochuan frankly willing to reconcile Rui Xiang and Qian Xiang Yi two years of grudges, and said it would propose to the clan, once a decade to revise the genealogy, by the two of our contribution. Geng's imitation bvlgari pendant necklace wife could not help but hear the genealogy of heart. However, three conditions were put forward to allow Mengluchuan. Meng Luochuan one by one gave a satisfactory answer. Just as the negotiations were about to succeed, Beijing Qianxiang Yi semicolon sent a letter to Geng Madame who completely reversed the previous commitments. Matsubara juridan temporary return to Japan, Ailon vows to its vow, if lost to Meng Luochuan, Caesarean himself. Meng Luochuan rushed to Beijing in a hurry, that is the sixth sister that is to buy a facade Mengjhou Hou, but was Qianxiang Yixia add block to buy the past, Meng Jin Hou gas However, put the Qianxiang Qian door open space to buy , Take stage singing every day, so Qianxiang Yi can not do business. Meng Luochuan advised Mengjhou Hou to the overall situation. Just when Meng Jin Hou was ready to withdraw the stage, Geng Bao-kun told Rui Xiang Xiang on the thirty-fifth episode

    Mengjian Hou hurled himself and Ruifuxiang face, put forward his speech, refused to withdraw the stage. Meng Luochuan angrily agreed to him. Long Ye think of a coup, pointing Meng Luochuan gave sufficient Menjue Hou face, forced him out. Three meals a day, Dunden big seats, in the feelings of Miaoli Chuan offensive, Hou Meng Luochuan admitted to mistakes, withdrew the stage, and the transfer of Qianxiang Qian. Geng Bao-kun was deeply impressed, Qianxiang Yi standing Jinan local firm side. Ailon after a failed wine drunk killed maid. Desperate Iron standard in retaliation to Meng Luochuan, to join Zhang Mingjiu, when the thirtieth episode of bandits

    Meng Luochuan took the lead in setting up the Qilu Hall in Beijing and inscribed an inscription for the hall. Mrs. Geng persuaded Mrs. Geng to accept Mrs. Sixth Elder, on the seventieth birthday of Mrs. Geng. Mrs. Geng did not stand her position. Happy birthday, friends and family, shopkeepers from all over to congratulate Mrs. Geng on her behalf, Mrs. Geng, and give her a pair of bracelets for her sister. Alon sent bandits hijacked the high lady, threatening Meng Luochuan with Rui Xiang Cheung plaque to the tiger. Meng Luochuan accompanied by everyone came to the Hushan, Ailun standard Meng Luochuan split Ruixiang plaque, or kill her high lady. While Meng Luochuan was preparing to split the plaque, Mengjian Hou arrived with a box of treasure. Meng Luochuan and Meng Ha Hou with a treasure chest to replace the high lady. Elon Javelin refers to Meng Luochuan, continuing to ask him to split a plaque. Moguloch see his mother has been bvlgari copy men necklace safe, refused to accept. Ailong standard shot hit Mengjian Hou. Meng Luochuan forced helpless, will lift the plaque knife up. When the close of events, Manjian Hou lit the explosives hidden behind the treasure chest, himself and Zhang Mingjiu go away. Bandits are fleeing. Ailong standard was captured. Meng Luochuan raised knife to revenge for the Meng Ha Hou, high bvlgari copy necklace lady stopped.
    gouiss Nov 21, 04:22PM
    Taichi Panda Double Burst Equipment collocation analysis

    Taichi Panda equipment collocation is a lot of players concerned about the topic, in the new version of the open, the player's strength has been greatly increased, with equipment in the double storm is also the most players like the equipment match, We bring Taichung Panda equipment with a recommendation, double storm equipment with a detailed head: death head, after the overall properties are: crit 18, explosion 52, blast 26, anti-explosion 15, hit 30, reduce the 4 skills time . The properties of death head balance, very good, not in the output equipment can be compared with, so the head of the proposed choice of death helmet clothes: death clothes, very after the overall properties are: Rare technical time to reduce 27%, explosion 50, Critical strike 24, dodge 20, reduce injuries 1500, 2 skills to reduce the time. For now, to compare the angel clothes, angel clothes attributes: Rare 27% reduction, hit 30, dodge 30, crit 39,1 skills to reduce time. Taken together, the Assassin can choose angel clothes, and soldiers and pandas need to be based on their own equipment, soul link and property activation to choose, angel or death clothing can be used as an alternative weapon: death, death Weapon properties: Storms 35, 24, vampire 4. In contrast with the angels and marine weapons, angel weapons attributes: Bomb 18, hit 30,2 skills to reduce the time, reduce injuries 1800; Marine Weapon Attributes: Anti-burst 6, violence 18, injuries 28,4 Skills to reduce the time . Comprehensive comparison of three: Broken anti-warrior can choose angels or the oceans, with special effects; Panda pursuit of high damage can choose death, you can choose angels, but the specific choice depends on the player's collection and the soul of the whole body Links and equipment with the activation of the property shoes: the shoes are the main choice of death shoes and marine shoes, death boots Attributes: explosion 45, hit 39, anti-violence 30; marine shoes attributes: vampire 14, explosion 50, anti-explosion 46, Explosion 7, dodge 9. If you hit a sufficient case, the marine shoes slightly higher than the properties of death shoes, but double storm selection of marine shoes in the bvlgari chain imitation necklace activation of the soul of the link attribute is not good match, death shoes is the replica bvlgari sun pendant best choice. However, in the early hits enough cases can also choose Ake shoes as an overage, to increase the defense of the explosion bulgari gold pendant fake effect of explosion Necklace: Death Necklace Attributes: defense value ceiling 200, crit 30, explosion 35, high attack; angel necklace Attributes: 200 maximum defense value, crit 30, blast injury 28, hit 30, low attack. Most of the double storm or death necklace based Angel necklace need to be equipped with other angels, activation of the replica pendant bvlgari overall properties and hit to reflect the value, and difficult to collect, is not very recommended, pre-players can also use the Satan necklace Over Bracelet: Death Bracelet Attributes: crit 18, blast 28, hit 30,1 skills damage 30, dodge 30; Angel Bracelet Attributes: 2 skills damage 30, burst 68, crit 24, explosion 22. Contrast the two can be found, the angel bracelet properties stronger than death, meet the hit in the late under the premise of double storm can choose angel bracelets; but for the assassin, the death bracelet is also a good choice to increase the skill attack is very force Ring: death Ring properties: breaking the value of 90, blasting 50, crit 24, 2 skills to reduce the time 2 seconds; angel ring properties: broken defense value 90, explosion injury 50,3 skills to reduce the time 2 seconds, dodge 20, blasting 28. Angel ring for the general double storm collectors too difficult to collect, or recommend the choice of death ring. However, if the front of the equipment with an angel-based set, then consider the angel ring is not a bad idea, after all, to reduce the skills of 3 time effects for any job, the effect is very obvious The above comparison: Xiao Bian Recommended late double burst players in the equipment with , Choose a career route can follow the following plan: Death Helm, Death Gown, Arms: Warrior Ocean or Angel, Panda double violence death, shoes death or Satan, death necklace, angel guard, death ring. This set of collocation overall, the soul of the link is stable, can be used in the early Acker shoes, satan necklace and death bracelet over, late in the hit, crit, explosion can be guaranteed under the premise of equipment replacement In the equipment replacement, the recommended pole After the death of God to replace the death necklace necklace, death helmet replacement after death bracelet and other supporting methods to protect the property stability. In the order of the top of the equipment above, the soldiers give priority to ring, other occupations according to their own attributes to consider breaking order. Angel package in the current version, the property is more balanced, in addition to collecting more difficult, but also a good choice. Equipment for faster collection of high-end dual burst players, you can choose to mix and match angel costumes death helmet, death shoes or marine shoes, to activate the overall properties and the main effects of the angels. For pandas, fox cents these two occupations, you can match Satan shoes, improve their attack power and mobility.
    gouiss Nov 21, 04:22PM
    Announcement on the establishment of branch office

    Stock code: 831501 Stock Abbreviation: Far EasTone Announcement No .: 2015 07 Beijing Far-Power Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Announcement on Establishment of Branch The Company and all members of the Board of Directors guarantee that the contents of the announcement do not contain any false records, misleading statements or material omissions , And jointly and severally accept full responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy and completeness of its contents. I. bvlgari men imitation necklace Basic Information of Branches According to the development needs of the Company and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Company Law of the People's Republic of China, Beijing Far-Force Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 'the Company') held 2014 on December 11, 2014 The 4th Session of the First Board of Directors reviewed and approved the Proposal on Establishing a Branch of a Joint-Stock Company and completed the registration work on January 19, 2015 and obtained the Business License issued by Yangzhou Gaoyou Administration for Industry and Commerce , The relevant registration details are as follows: Name of Organization: Beijing Far-Power Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Branch Registration Number: 321084000224196 Type: Branch Co., Ltd. Place of Business: Gaoyou Zhuanqiao Town Official Village Person in charge: Date: January 19, 2015 Business Scope: Professional contracting; technology development, technology promotion, technology transfer, technical advice, technical services; sales of computers, software and supporting equipment, electronic products, machinery and equipment, communications equipment; import and export of goods, Technology import and export, import and export agents; Beijing afar momentum can be more Health Energy Technology AG repairs, testing solar controller. (The project subject to approval according to law shall be subject to the approval of the relevant department before carrying out business activities) The branch has no replica bvlgari sun pendant independent legal personality and its civil liability shall be borne by the company. Second, the purpose of setting up branch bvlgari pendant necklace fake offices, the impact on the company and the existence of risk 1. Purpose of the establishment The establishment of the branch to open up markets, business development, and provide services to customers. 2. Impact on the Company and Risks The establishment of branches in line with the Company's development plan will be conducive to the implementation of the overall strategic layout and the enhancement of brand value, which will have a positive and positive impact on the business and will not impair the legitimate rights and bvlgari rose gold imitation necklace interests of the Company and other shareholders . The establishment of branch offices will generate some expenses and extend the management chain, which will increase the difficulty of management and bring some challenges to the company's control ability. The Company will take full advantage of its advantages in management, brand, technology and experience to take root in the business steadily and actively to meet the challenges. At the same time, the Company will further improve its internal control system and risk management of its subsidiaries to prevent business risks. Special announcement! Beijing Far-Power Renewable Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Board of Directors February 12,

    Chinese New Year sun will be blessed and praised to win the praise of sterling silver bracelets in the gold micro-community site navigation! Gold cattle stock market online live! Spring Festival will be known to all local delicacies? Trickle down and quick mergers blow up? The last day before the holiday you should buy the sell? US research exposure Ma is the aliens expose A-share speculation why so crazy goat Spring Festival Gala which is your food micro community master column application area
    gouiss Nov 21, 04:22PM
    Sina microblogging three changes in ecological and play

    Shelley said: 'In addition to change, nothing will last forever.'

    Yes, the world is ever-changing, ubiquitous, the only constant change is itself? Especially the Internet, I think where in this circle, have a taste of its ever-changing. Whether it is people, products, or businesses, which is not changing?

    Back to the topic From Sina microblogging was born on that day, there have been changes in the gene, it is doomed microblogging ecology will continue to change. This is not the product manager can change, but the changing law of the ecological decision itself because when an Internet ecosystem is formed, it will form its own tribal system, different people because of different interests, goals, conditions, etc. polymerization Together, the formation of different tribes, and these tribes is the decisive force of ecological change. Of course, this is just like real society. Changes in ecology are also the result of these tribal games. So, what has happened to Sina Weibo as the main aggregation platform for Internet users today?

    Personally think that since its birth, it has undergone three changes. Each change, not only means that changes in the ecological environment, but also means that social marketing practitioners need to change the direction of marketing. Because the user where the customer needs where, and the changes in the user's aggregate environment, it will directly affect the user and customer demand convergence, and ultimately affect the dissemination of results (a) large bvlgari pendant fake grass-roots crazy age

    We all know that when Sina Weibo just came out, a big feature is that the grassroots large 'crazy.' From the jokes to the soul Chicken soup, almost we can think of the subdivision there is a large grassroots figure. The practice of these large grassroots, that is, copy and paste, there is no technical content that why these grassroots can survive?

    Because the initial ecology of Sina Weibo, like that discovered by Columbus in the Americas, is still in the 'Wild Age,' users here have not fully 'evolved' and are still willing to accept the sudden availability of so much 'knowledge.' . So, although today we have no problem with these grassroots content, two years ago, the grassroots large size was a 'high quality' knowledge aggregator. So why should the grassroots be so crazy?

    As mentioned earlier, there is a customer's needs there. Sina microblogging as a new social networking platform, in the early days of its birth attracted a large number of users. How to aggregate these users, then the easiest, most direct and most crude way is to do grassroots. As a result, due to the promotion of marketers, Sina Weibo instantaneously blew a 'grassroots style.' A variety of grassroots appear in our field of vision, a slightly better content of the microblogging, turn around in a variety of grassroots, of course, with its own attributes. These grassroots cash, but also the most direct, most simple and most crude way. Either to the hard-line Taobao shop wide, or to the corporate officer microstrip number promotion, section operation is almost the same as the media channels, to the company issued a public relations manuscript, this one black, the next black that home, this is the time Ecology in the play, but it is precisely because of this, most microblogging users are being slowly educated, microblogging ecosystem is quietly changing (two) opinion leaders dominate the pyramid era

    When the microblogging users gradually play deep, the disadvantage of the grassroots more and more obvious One of the most obvious phenomenon is that if you focus on 10 grassroots, you refresh the screen, you will find this screen has 5 A large grassroots dynamic, there are three microblogging is the same, and are from the timer. In this case, of course, you are doing away with the concern. Therefore, an important reason for the ecological changes in microblogging is that after the saturation of the grassroots root number is bound to decline. So, in the absence of grassroots number, another group was born. This group is the 'opinion leader' who is popular with original ideas, unique personalities and other factors. Some of them are well-known, some are self-media, others are dumbfounded ...

    So why do they take the grassroots instead?

    The first reason is that when the users are weak, these 'opinion leaders' copy bvlgari pendant necklace have bvlgari sun pendant fake grasped this period in time. A large amount of original and high-quality content is continuously produced, in stark contrast with the grassroots. Such as sharp scores left hand, the genius of the panda's paragraph, clown produced p map ...... These new content undoubtedly caught the user's 'heart' at low ebb is because these 'opinion leaders' Queen learned 'Baotuan survival', rather than the same as the previous grassroots as 'go it alone.' For example, the genius of red panda and white erh, called the beast Yi Xiaoxing so how to use their fun marketing?

    By this period, the difficulty for Party B increased. Because it is not like the early days, directly with grass roots large hard on the line. The spread of this period is basically soft and broad, but also for the creative content, the brand's strategic requirements higher. For example, when we promote a brand in Weibo, you not only need to make funny pandas such as genius Cubs implantable into the brand, but also need to cooperate with the micro-activities. At the same time, we also need to interpret the platform from the media people and trust all endorsements. All the steps To form a closed loop This is the ecological play at this time. But if you're a little bit more attentive, you'll find out that now the influence of these 'opinion leaders' no longer has the kind of 'dominate' feeling, and do they seem to be declining?

    (C) universal entertainment UGC era

    I believe we all know that this August, an inexplicable 'show off the rich contest' suddenly became popular in Weibo. Many netizens rushed to show off the 'priceless city,' the antique body, neck and necklace fine as emerald necklace, green grapes into an agate bracelet, trichromatic hairpin called Sri Lanka gem bracelet, can be described as a joy. In a few days top hot list, popular knock off bulgari gold pendant microblogging list, activities involved in this number of more than 1500000 people, can be said to be a grand event for the whole nation Curiously, this competition is only a small Dazhou account initiated, activities Not any business-sponsored, but there is no incentive to prizes, just a simple topic - 'Hyun-rich,' Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha see Hyun-rich contest laughed! I also had to come up with the ancestral super large emerald necklace of our family. You feel it
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