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The Highsnobiety inboxes are inundated on a daily basis with new brands vying for a piece of the spotlight. So, ADIDAS ZX FLUX ADV to help you show off your vast knowledge of obscure fashion labels, each month we take a moment to introduce you to a fresh batch of upcoming talent. Below you’ll find some of the best collections to land in our inbox this month, from minimalist sneakers to stylish activewear. Get to know these brands before they’re massive. If your label wants to be considered for future posts then, by all means, get in touch. Meanwhile, for more undiscovered talent, check out the rest of our Under the Radar series. Childs Previous Next For his second-ever collection, NYC designer and former Thom Browne design director Robert Childs looked back to his formative years spent sailing in Key West, with a line of technically-proficient casualwear. Emphasis is placed on comfortable and practical fabrics, with short-sleeved shirting, track jackets and light outerwear executed in modern, contemporary styles, and finished with a smattering of eye-catching graphics. Find Out More DYNE Previous Next The activewear market is getting pretty crowded these days, and DYNE seems hell-bent on carving a niche for itself in the sphere with a line of striking sports-casual gear. Modern fabrics are used throughout, with bold colors and patterns ensuring that the brand’s gear stands out from the rest of the pack. Gym and track-friendly pieces are accompanied by jackets and shirts for those who don’t want practicality to come at the expense of modern style. Find Out More FRENN Previous Next Finland may be dwarfed by some of its Scandinavian cousins, but that hasn’t deterred Helsinki label FRENN, whose SS17 label is all about “relaxed sophistication and Nordic simplicity.” The label’s collection is produced in northern Europe with environmentally-responsible fabrics, and gives classic men’s pieces a modern touch via oversized pockets, low-key patterns and relaxed silhouettes. Find Out More Subspace Previous Next LA label Subspace drops high-end luggage with a twist: their bags come with internal batteries and a multi-compatible smartphone charging lead. Useful or what? The brand’s pieces mix premium leathers with clean silhouettes and low-key colorways. Oh, and their bags come with three USB outlets — so you can charge the whole squad’s phones at once. Find Out More NOUNION Previous Next London label NOUNION previews its debut SS17 collection, inspired by gangs from the Bronx during the ’70s. Silhouettes are slimmed down, with rugged denim and boots providing a tough edge. Centerpiece to the brand’s debut collection is an elongated trucker jacket, which sports added denim panels to turn it into the length of a topcoat. Find Out More PHP Previous Next Upstart Italian label PHP excels in leather and denim, using vintage American fabrics, authentic military gear and specialist hides. The brand looks at clothing through a distinctly American lens, reinterpreting trucker jackets, army gear and vintage-style graphics of diners, motels and truck stops, creating a homage to all things USA — but crafted to traditionally exceptional Italian standards. Find Out More Rabbithole London Previous Next UK label Rabbithole London previews its forthcoming FW16 collection of modern streetwear pieces. Hoodies are elevated via extra-long drawstrings and heavily-washed fabrics, while sweatpants are given oversized cargo-style pockets and slouchy drop-crotch silhouettes. A head-turning palette of mustard and navy ensures the brand’s pieces will stand out on the streets, too. Find Out More THEY NEW YORK Previous Next Contemporary NYC footwear label THEY unveils its debut collection of high-end leather sneakers. Available in both men’s and women’s sizing, the brand’s shoes sport distinctive color-blocked silhouettes, with blush peach and neutral beige tones dominating the collection’s palette. The brand’s founders draw from over 30 years of family experience in the Japanese footwear industry, TIMBERLAND CHUKKA BOOTS and its debut collection is available to shop right now. Find Out More undecoratedMAN Previous Next Speaking of Japan, undecoratedMAN is the latest exciting young label hitting our inbox from the Land of the Rising Sun. The brand’s designer Takayuki Kono presents a wardrobe of low-key, casual menswear, where tailored topcoats sit alongside cozy sweats. An earthy palette of rust and olive grey is used to draw the eye in favor of wacky graphics or gimmicky patterns. Yet another Japanese brand to keep an eye out for. Find Out More


Another week and we’re back with the highlights from Highsnobiety’s new shopping channel, What Drops Now. TIMBERLAND CLASSIC OXFORD HERREN Every day we trawl countless online stores to bring you a curated selection of the latest and best in streetwear, sneakers, fashion and lifestyle products, separating the best from the rest and saving you the hassle of checking 1,000 different webstores in the process. DOWNLOAD THE APP NOW Below you’ll find the 10 best products to drop this week, but for daily updated stream of the latest gear download What Drops Now’ NIKE ROSHE ZWEI s dedicated smartphone app. As always, much of this product is limited so if you’ve missed out, make sure you’re quicker next time. .


The hugely popular collaboration between A.P.C and outerwear specialists K-Way returns for AW11 with this canvas version of the classic cagoule. The shape is the same as K-Way’s original design, but A. Nike Dunk SB P.C have chosen a workwear inspired twill (in electric blue or dark navy) as opposed to the usual waterproof nylon. Available at End Clothing. See more views after the jump. NIKE DUNK SB .


Premium audiophiles, Master & NIKE FREE FLYKNIT NSW Dynamic, team up with UNITED ARROWS & SONS creative director, Poggy, on a special series of limited edition headphones. The headphone in question is Master & Dynamic’s MH40 model, which will be limited to 20 super-exclusive hand-painted pairs. Debuted at “Poggy’ Nike Free Flyknit NSW s World,” part of the Liberty Fairs trade show in Las Vegas that ran from February 15 to 17, the aforementioned 20 pairs are set to go on sale at UNITED ARROWS & SONS’ online store and Harajuku flagship, retailing for $750. Watch Master & Dynamic show how its MH40 headphones are made below. .


For those of us who like to cycle, this season has been particularly harsh on us to commute what with all the rain and snow. But undefeated, we at Selectism wanted to share how we still conquer the streets on our bikes. The temperature may be gradually warming up but here’s a list of items that will get you through fickle city precipitation any time. Fitbit Flex Tracker Wristband Flex by Fitbit is a wireless GPS and tracking device that records the amount of distance traveled or calories burned. Its lightweight and simplistic design makes it look like a sleek bracelet, wearable both on and off the bike. ($100) Rapha Neoprene Overshoes These durable 100% neoprene overshoes will protect your feet against the rain and snow and prevent them from slipping off the pedals. The logo and heel are reflective for safe riding in the dark. ($85) Yakima Whispbar WB200 Mount Bike Carrier This award-winning bike carrier was originally designed by a Rolls Royce aircraft engineer, so it guarantees high-performance functionality and sleek design. Its trademarked Smartfoot technology allows it to grip onto a variety of car roof types and be removed in seconds when not in use. ($269)   TOOB Innertube Keychain Sourced from local bicycle shops in Tel Aviv, these keychains made of recycled innertubes are cleaned and cut by hand. Easy to button onto your belt or belt loop, you won’t have to worry about your keys falling out of your pockets or banging against you from your lanyard when you’re biking. ($7) Chrome Citizen Salvage Military Tent Bag This strap-on crossbody by Chrome is made of vintage military tent fabric, so every bag is unique. The straps of the bag are reflective for safe riding in the dark and there are internal fasteners to keep your goods secure. ($180) Hövding Airbag Scarf Helmet Developed in collaboration with airbag manufacturer Alva Sweden, this wearable collar turns into a protective shock-absorbing helmet when it detects an accident. It has sensors that monitor the cyclist’s movements by measuring abnormal changes in velocity or angle and takes a tenth of a second to inflate. The airbag also contains a black box that records the cyclist’s movement during the accident. And all this comes in changeable skins in different patterns so you can match with your outfit. ($497) Topo Roll-Top Backpack Colorado’ NIKE FREE FLYKNIT NSW s Topo produce understated, outdoor-inspired bags in a wide range of great colorways. This roll-top pack is the perfect size for the morning commute to work or a ride cross-town. The large main compartment features a laptop sleeve and is accompanied by convenient side zip pockets for quick access of your items. ($198) PEdALED Winter Cycling Hat  Japanese cycling specialist PEdALED make this insulated winter riding cap. This is a must for the dedicated rider who ignores weather conditions and cycles year-round. Made in Italy from poly Windtex. ($55) Chrome Knurled Welded Waterproof Roll-Top Bag The Knurled Welded Waterproof Rolltop from Chrome is for any heavy-duty biker. NIKE FREE FLYKNIT MERCURIAL CHAUSSURES The bag is constructed using Chrome’s proprietary welding, made to withstand anything, making it the perfect bag for camping, adventure riding, or any sort of all-weather commuting. ($120) Rapha Apparel Re-Proofer Have that jersey you just can’t give up? We understand. Rapha makes this clever “re-proofer” that will restore your technical garment’s water resistance. We suggest checking that this is compatible with your specific garment before use. ($15) Editor: Elaine YJ Lee


Answering the call for a clean, classic open-faced motorcycle helmet, Hedon launch a collection of traditional colorways, with comfort at the forefront. No surprise with the name, Hedom aim to provide the perfect protective accessory on one’s hedonistic journey. For the “Hedonist,” antibacterial suede fabric with lambskin trimming lines the helmet, while sporting leather trimming, brass and copper hardware and a shell made of fibreglass and carbon fibre provide solid cover. For those without an engine, they brand are soon to launch a cycling helmet, the “The Cortex,” styled along the same line. “Bold, refined and nostalgic” the label works with a broad range of sizes, ensuring a proper fit for each rider. NIKE FLYKNIT CHUKKA Stable black, NIKE FLYKNIT CHUKKA Cactus green and Stable white work as our favorite colorways, giving that proper classic look. Available in-store at Trunk or via their webshop..


After a slow-build up of hype throughout the year, Gorillaz have finally delivered. Clearing away months of speculation, the world’s favorite animated band have confirmed that yes, a new album is on the way. Titled Humanz and featuring a tracklist that includes everyone from Danny Brown to Grace Jones, it promises to be their most extravagant work yet. And though we had already gotten a taste of the new record thanks to “Hallelujah Money,” released on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, we now have several choice cuts from the album. Last night the band dropped a VR music video that contained three new songs, including the truly masterful “Ascension” featuring Vince Staples, along with tracks titled “Andromeda” and “We’ve Got the Power.” So to help whittle away the time until all of Humanz arrives, and to celebrate co-creator/band member Damon Albarn’s 50th birthday yesterday, we have decided to take a gander through the world’s preeminent animated band’s back catalogue. For this list, we have only tallied what they and their record label have ordained as the ‘official singles,’ which (not counting the batch of new ones just yet) includes both iconic classics and things we literally had not heard of until today. Why highlights from their previous work like “Empire Ants” are not among this grouping is a mystery for the ages. And so here they are, every official Gorillaz single ranked worst to best: 19. “Amarillo” The Fall, the last (and usually purposefully overlooked) album from Gorillaz is one elongated snooze-fest. Whether or not snooze-fests are capable of having a peak or climax is up for debate, but what is a fact is that the most snooziest-snooze of the snooze-fest of this album is the song “Amarillo.” The fact that a track like this one and not “Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach” featuring Snoop Dogg is an official single is truly beyond comprehension. 18. “Doncamatic” Released as a standalone single in 2012, this one is a real oddity; and not in a good way. The vocal turn from featured guest Davey is, in so many words, terrible. And it effectively ruins the entire song as a whole. Speaking of terrible feature guest spots… 17. “DoYaThing” This had the potential to be something truly spectacular. Converse organized a meeting of the minds between Gorillaz, André 3000 and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy for some commercial no one can remember and said meeting produced the above song. Instead of being the perfect combination of some of the millennium’s most talented musicians it is a complete mess, and is a real blight on the resume of all three artists. 16. “Phoner to Arizona” Ever wondered what it sounds like when Damon Albarn picks up the synthesizer out of boredom and creates a sequence of seemingly random notes? If you have found yourself drifting into thoughts like this one, look no further than the opening track to The Fall. 15. “19-2000” It is hard to believe that the debut Gorillaz album came out way back in 2001. Which may explain why a track like “19-2000” feels a little underdeveloped compared to some of the other singles this band would churn out a decade later. It’s not bad per se, just mildly annoying. 14. “Lil Dub Chefin” with Spacemonkey Gorillaz made a whole collaborative album with Spacemonkey shortly after the launch of their debut, with this song acting as the sole single from the project. It is interesting, and displays a few interesting sonic qualities, such as a piano line that is most definitely an homage to The Clash. But bigger and better things awaited them. 13. “Revolving Doors” Though it might not mean much, this is far and away the best track included amongst the otherwise maudlin The Fall. The latter half of the track pummels you into submission with a well-calibrated line of staccato synths, an element that is far more memorable than the melody itself. 12. “El Mañana” It’s hard to pick an outlier in Demon Days, as it is one of only two Gorillaz albums to be a true front to back masterpiece. But judging by quality as a single, “El Mañana” is a seriously weak one. Still, a great song by some of the other standards on this list. 11. “Tomorrow Comes Today” A clear spiritual sister to “Clint Eastwood” (a song that comes two spaces after it on their debut album), “Tomorrow Comes Today” succeeds in that it takes all of the sonic pieces of that former song and still manages to wring something new from it. It is a real brooding, elegiac moment in an album that otherwise plays its hand heavily. 10. “Superfast Jellyfish” There are a lot of reasons why this song shouldn’t work. A chorus so catchy it could drive you insane! De La Soul singing about breakfast cereal! Strange cartoon voices! Yet there is an infectious amount of joy in this song; an amount that will have you pumping your fist in the air to how much fun it is to be a speedy jellyfish, or whatever the hell this song is about. 9. “Rock the House” A true highlight from their debut album, “Rock the House” is a quintessential example of the core Gorillaz sound, one that has changed little, if at all, over time. Which is to say; it employs verbose yet rhythmically robust rapping, a beat that is both retro and futuristic (this one in particular clearly referencing an iconic game show theme), and a heavy, heavy dose of full-on weirdness. 8. “Kids With Guns” Talk about a beat being murder. The slow yet inevitable lurch of this song is a melody in and of itself. Played out on both guitars and synthesizers at alternating points, the track tightly controls all of its elements and precisely weaves them together, evidenced even further by the subtle, driving backing vocals of “push it, NIKE ELASTICO PRO III IC push it real good” laced just under the lilting lead singer. Delicious. 7. “On Melancholy Hill” True melancholy is an emotion that one often associates with bitter, cold anguish; a death of the heart so to speak. In that definition, “On Melancholy Hill” is anything but its eponymous feeling. This confectionary slice of new-wave pop bursts with warmth, a comforting energy that pervades every second. It is a track that exquisitely captures that sweet spot of nostalgia that is sad, yes, but ultimately overwhelmed by the feeling of gratitude that accompanies the memory of a life and love now gone, but not forgotten. 6. “Rhinestone Eyes” For an example of the poetry inherent in Gorillaz songs, “Rhinestone Eyes” may have their Pulitzer-worthy entry. “Under sunshine pylons we’ll meet while rain is falling like rhinestones from the sky,” croons Albarn over an electronic beat that cuts and cleaves as fastidiously as a cuckoo clock. The nightmarish, technological dystopia of the ‘plastic beach’ that inspires this track’s album never sounds more appealing or strikingly beautiful than it does here. 5. “DARE” It is genuinely upsetting that so many of the godfathers and godmothers of funk never had a chance to hear the superb, beatific wonder that is “DARE.” Each listen peels back the multitude of layers that envelop this seemingly simple song. From the squelching bass line to the chattering synth lines to the frequent touch-and-go fake-outs resulting in a beat-drop every 30 seconds to that massive, massive vocal hook, this track is a true home run. 4. “Stylo” This song is nothing short of an assault. The beat is astounding; few tracks could hope to come up with something as jagged-edged as these synthesizers. They practically serrate themselves into your brain. And no matter how many wails of agony you think you’ve heard in one sad pop song or another, nothing—and I mean nothing—comes close to the biblical lamentations of Bobby Womack going full scorched earth in his awe-inspiring guest spot. 3. “Clint Eastwood” Here it is, the start of it all. Gorillaz shot into the musical stratosphere with “Clint Eastwood,” an ode to the icon of the Spaghetti Western that seamlessly presented their innovative package of alt-rock-rap-electro to the masses in radio-ready form. Lyrics such as having “sunshine in a bag” NIKE ELASTICO SUPERFLY IC and the colossal weight of the “future coming on” are now canon in music of the 21st century, but each new listen sounds as fresh as the first; the mark of a true classic. 2. “Dirty Harry” While “Clint Eastwood” may have directly referenced its namesake through the use of harmonicas pulled directly from the actor’s work in Western films of old, “Dirty Harry”‘s allusions to the star stop and end at the title. The track is a truly inspired sharp left-turn in the sonic palette of Gorillaz, pulling instead from melodies and instruments of traditional Chinese music (highlighted directly in the equally excellent “Chinese New Year” version included in a subsequent compilation). The melody is deceptively simple, pulling your ear in with a phrase repeated both in instrumentation and the full choir enlisted to sing the backing track. And as with all their best songs, Gorillaz stitch a variety of global influences together without breaking a sweat, making the accompanying lines of rap sound as natural as the lute which precedes it. 1. “Feel Good Inc.” There isn’t really any surprise that “Feel Good Inc.” is claiming the top spot. This is the crown jewel in the legacy of Gorillaz, their proverbial “Stairway to Heaven.” It represents everything they stand for as a band both musically and thematically. The song finds harmony between two very different forces at play. On one hand, it employs instrumentation that mimics the factory work of its title and a set of raps as iconic as they are indistinguishable, making for a dark work of paranoiac funk. Yet this is cut with that chorus; a fragile, soaring line of psychedelic heartache from Albarn in a truly angelic vocal turn. In balancing between the two deftly, Gorillaz made one of the most memorable tracks of the new millennium. ‘Humanz’ is out on April 28. Be sure to read our exclusive interview with Gorillaz member 2D right here. Cover Image: Gorillaz


The food blog project Pomme des Garcons begins its new series titled “a dinner with…” with DJ Neil Armstrong. The DJ, NIKE ELASTICO FINALE III STREET TF who judging by the video is from New York, NIKE ELASTICO FINALE III STREET TF recounts his favorite cities and countries to eat in as well as his time DJing for Jay-Z. Take a look above to learn how Mr. Armstrong got started DJing and stay posted for more videos from the series..


After having released in September in Japan, the Carhartt x uniform experiment Capsule Collection will see a select global release this week. NIKE CHUCK POSITE The collection consists of a new take on a Carhartt hunting coat, The Acrylic watch beanie, the Bronco pant, the Double knee pant and the Carhartt vest. Each piece comes with a series of nice details added by the Japanese brand, including prints, special materials and more. Selected Carhartt stores around the globe will have the line in stock from this week. NIKE DUNK SB .


There is no shortage of denim in our office. Every week, we received a variety of new jean samples with the request to try and wear. NIKE BLAZER MID MEN But most denim is personal: understanding the cut that works best for your body type is the key to a proper look and fit. For myself, it comes down to the leg opening width and the roominess in the thigh. My tastes tend to stick to the Japanese makers that have done me right over the years, but the domestic American-made market is starting to modernize away from those roomy heritage cuts. Back in August, the folks at Baldwin Denim nudged me to give their American-made denim a wear run. From the samples they sent, I settled into a pair of their classic slim fit Henley model; a pair of jeans that I have literally worn day in and day out since receiving them. From the leg opening to the spacious thigh, the Baldwin Henley has worked for me. Produced in California from 14oz Japanese Nihon Menpu selvedge denim, NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ MEN the Henley is a fit that I should have tried sooner. While it may not be the last pair of denim jeans that I buy, they certainly are some of the best fit American produced denim I have worn in some time. But as we said, denim is personal. Size yourself into a variety of denim before settling into one pair. Visit your local denim retailers and find a pair that works best for you. While the Baldwin Henley works for me, another pair may work best for you..


In celebration of its 10-year anniversary, Alexander Wang has brought back its collaborative Studio headphones with Beats by Dre. The two initially worked together back in 2014, as partial proceeds from the re-release will be awarded to, one of the largest organizations that support youth and social change. The Studio headphones feature the original matte black and gold-accented look, with each pair coming packaged in a signature stingray case from Alexander Wang. NIKE AIR PRESTO ULTRA FLYKNIT You can purchase the joint re-release today at Wang’s NYC flagship as well as online. NIKE AIR ZOOM ALL OUT BUY NOW / $449


Hong Kong experiences one of the fastest rates of urbanization in the world, reflected in its concentration of residents into small areas and the burden of high-density living. It’s earned a reputation as being – as far as its buildings go – NIKE AIR MAX TAILWIND 8 a city that lacks livelihood, due in no small part to the hastiness with which construction work is carried out. Madrid-based muralist Okuda, as part of the HKWalls Street Art Festival, took it upon himself to inject a bit of energy into a 12-story housing block, imbuing it with a kaleidoscopic animal print, effectively changing the demeanor of the neighborhood. NIKE AIR PRESTO ULTRA FLYKNIT A similar undertaking occurred at last year’s edition of POW! WOW! Japan..


Sure he’s busy shooting a campaign for H& NIKE AIR MAX 95 CHAUSSURES M’s upcoming collaboration with KENZO, but that does’t mean Chance The Rapper doesn’t have time for the studio. But to hear him tell it in a new video interview with POWER FM, he hasn’t been recording a followup to this year’s Coloring Book on his own. NIKE AIR MAX MOTION LW Apparently we can expect an extensive collaboration with Kanye West sometime in the near future, one that may turn into (dare we hope) a full album. The collaboration in question is currently rumored to be Good Ass Job, a working title that has been thrown around on several of Kanye’s previous albums. But it seems like it may finally be seeing the light of day thanks to some help from Chance. “It’s something that comes up in conversation every once in a while,” he says during the interview, “We definitely have at least two songs I could say I know would be on Good Ass Job.” Kanye and Chance have been having a highly fruitful year. Chance stole every bit of the spotlight on The Life of Pablo “Ultralight Beam,” and Kanye returned the favor by appearing on the first track of Chance’s Coloring Book. Once Kanye finishes that collaborative album with Drake we’ve been hearing so much about, this could be the stuff of gospel-inflected hip-hop dreams. Stay tuned to see what Chance & Kanye goodness could come next. In the meantime, stream his excellent mixtape Coloring Book below via Spotify: In other music news, Ty Dolla $ign released his long-awaited full-length project Campaign, which features guest spots from everyone to Future to Wiz Khalifa. Cover Image: Consequence of Sound


Playboy: the only brand to be equally appropriated by both seedy men and young girls. If you’re a fan of the brand you can now take that seediness to Hugh Hefner heights with some velvet smoking slippers, emblazoned with that trademark bunny logo. Miami shoe brand Del Toro has taken one of its classic silhouettes – the smoking slipper – and combined it with the Playboy symbol to celebrate the significant impact the Playboy publication has had on America. If you’re interested in purchasing the shoes personally, or as a joke, NIKE AIR MAX 90 MID you can get them online from Del Toro. Or check out Del Toro’ NIKE AIR MAX 95 s Fall/Winter 2014 collection if you’re after something a little more reserved..


Just like we reported last week (after we were tipped off by reputable retailers and the notorious Yeezy Mafia group), a new colorway of the adidas Originals YEEZY Boost 350 V2 is dropping Saturday, December 17. While many on the internet were quick to dub the colorway “Black/White,” we now know the color scheme is actually being named “Core White” by adidas. The Brand With the Three Stripes has confirmed the drop, NIKE AIR MAX 2017 which is rumored to be the most accessible release in the history of Kanye West’s ongoing collaboration with the German sportswear brand. Nike Air Max 90 Fireflies #YEEZYBOOST 350 V2 by @KanyeWest. Sign up now for reservation with adidas Confirmed. Launching December 17th. — adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) December 13, 2016 #YEEZYBOOST 350 V2 by @KanyeWest. Core Black / Core White, coming December 17th. — adidas Originals (@adidasoriginals) December 12, 2016 As always, you can cop these from adidas direct, select stockists of the adidas brand and through the adidas Confirmed app. While you’re waiting, do some shopping on Highsnobiety‘s curated product channel What Drops Now. Subscribe to Highsnobiety’s sneaker chatbot on Facebook to receive lightning quick updates on release dates, sneaker street style, shopping tips and more..


Sarah McDaniel, the cover star of Playboy‘s very first non-nude issue, stars in an editorial for the latest issue of P Magazine. Shot by Delta Element, the social media star stuns in a variety of provocative looks without ever giving too much away. Like the rest of the magazine’ NIKE AIR JORDAN RETRO 5 s productions, the shoot toes the line between intimate and exploitative, while managing to remain tasteful. Pick up the latest issue here. For some more P Magazine goodness, NIKE AIR MAX 2016 check out these NSFW photos of Paula Bulczynska..


Two months on since the news first broke, we can now take a first official look at the Supreme x Nike Air More “Suptempo.” The image comes courtesy of esteemed Japanese kicks magazine FOOT MASTER. NIKE AIR FORCE 1 HOMME'S CHAUSSURES  Arriving in Supreme’s signature red and white colorway, the sneaker sees the usual AIR branding superseded by SUP text on the medial and lateral sides along with perforated holes for breathability. Additional details include a midsole air unit, NIKE AIR HUARACHE web lacing system and bogo insole branding. Always ahead of the curve, it looks to be the exact same pair that VLONE co-owner A$AP Bari shared back in January. Supreme X Nike Uptempos- Cop


Paul Rodriguez’s skateboard line Primitive has released a whole fleet of new items for Spring 2015. The second delivery for the season expands the range into a more streetwear-centric getup, with the Alleyway jacket and jogger pant draped in ripstop fabric, a “Dots” capsule, the Fighter varsity jacket, a cut-and-sew baseball jersey, and a selection of tees, hoodies and headwear emblazoned with a “ NIKE AIR FORCE 1 HIGH CHEAP Game Killer” NIKE AIR FORCE 1 HIGH graphic. The Primitive Spring 2015 collection is available at select Primitive Apparel retailers and online..


Established with a vision of American craftsmanship, New England-based leather goods maker Lotuff composes handmade bags like true artisans, paying reverence to the smallest of details. Its latest line of bags adheres to these standards, utilizing heavy vegetable-tanned leather, and for the first time ever, top-strength canvas. Lotuff intentionally chose #4 duck canvas — the thickest grade available in the market — specifically for its resilience. Even with such heavyweight materials, the brand promises a lightweight bag that “maintains the same level of sophistication” as its all-leather collections. Personally, we think the leather on canvas look brings a nice, slightly youthful energy to the assortment. This latest delivery boasts four bag silhouettes: the English Briefcase, Zipper Holdall Travel Bag, Slim Zipper Briefcase and the Backpack. Each bag body is available in black, NIKE AIR FORCE 1 FLYKNIT navy, chestnut and green colorways. NIKE AIR FOAMPOSITE ONE The collection is available in full through East Dane or Barneys. Prices start at $590..

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

On the whole, the actual making of a brand isn’t very photogenic. Factories can look great, but once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 Plush studios only exist for the biggest brands; the rest of them are overpacked messes. But one part that is eminently viewable is the field testing trip. This time it’s Mission Workshop who takes to the road, going to Scotland and hiring photographer Sam Needham to capture it all. In these pictures you’ll see the brand test out its The Meridian jacket and vest, Faroe pullover, Hauser Hydration packs and Traverse riding shorts. It’s the sort of thing that’ll make you look at your bike and wonder, “Maybe I should ride to a scenic part of town today?” before sitting down and watching Netflix. Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged You can learn more about Mission Workshop’s field tests here..


If last spring was about the greens and ecosystem of the forest, this Fall/Winter 2015 collection by N.HOOLYWOOD is for the same outdoors lover, who now takes us to the snow-capped mountains of Colorado. The 1960s Vail Ski Resort is what inspired Daisuke Obana this season, an inspiration shown thoroughly via a largely white color palette and friendly knits. NIKE PRESTO FLIEGE It wouldn’t be N.HOOLYWOOD without some insertion of Japanese quirk, however, so Obana opted for overblown digital snowflake patterns and some effortless techwear styles that seem to have become his signature. Outerwear were lightly downed with poofy silhouettes which contrasted strangely well with overly structured rectangular backpacks. Other accessories included New Balance collaboration sneakers that immediately grabbed attention and Porter totes, an ongoing collab. NIKE KOBE 11 ELITE LOW Alongside ski-ready outerwear were also tailored coats with seamless edges and zip-front collar scarves. Mountain Hardware, Wild Things and Ayame Eyewear also took part in the collection. See it all above. Photography: Thomas Welch for


Mac Miller has had a pretty stellar year. His new album, The Divine Feminine, has been met with some of the greatest reviews of his career and he has entered a relationship with album collaborator Ariana Grande that is practically custom-made cute tabloid fodder. So it would make sense that he is filled with happiness. That happiness, however, is a serious impediment to his career, Nike Air Max 1 Ultra SE and he is now taking action to combat it. A new video from Funny or Die sees Miller promoting DreadLexa, a prescription drug designed for musicians to keep those creative juices flowing by making sure they stay depressed and miserable at all times. The hilarious spoof of medicine advertisements sees Miller stressing the importance of feeling lonely and despondent in order to create better art. Not even a cute dog licking his face or a call from his mom can persuade him to be happy. In other music news, NIKE LEBRON 14 Prince’s estate has formally issued a lawsuit against Jay Z and his label Roc Nation. Find out why right here..


Before you get too excited, you should note that this cliffside retreat in Iceland is simply a concept by designer Alex Hogrefe. A founding member of the architecture visualization studio Design Distill, Hogrefe specializes in visualizing the plans of architects through illustration. This time around, however, ADIDAS NMD XR 1 he took matters into his own hands and created this incredible residence from scratch. Taking views to a whole new level, the fictional retreat is constructed out of what seems to be concrete, metal and glass. Clarks Originals Schuhe The floor-to-ceiling windows and open balcony allow for optimal natural light (which is much needed in the winter months), and offer up stunning views of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans. For more incredible architecture (most of which is real), head over to our Architecture archive. Source: HiConsumption

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Got some important shit to store? Ephemera or other paper based goods that you hope will last just long enough for you to remove them from storage ten years from now while you ask yourself: “what da fuck is inside these boxes? MBT TARIKI MEN ” Consider these lovely archival boxes from the great House Industries. They wrap the exterior of their boxes with typographic elements – some numbers, the alphabet, and braces – the sleeper in the set. Go nuts and get the combo box set while you’re at it. MEN'S TIMBERLAND BOOTS HOMMES Affordable and worth the investment if you want to keep your keeps safe. They look great in or outside the storage room. Available at the House Industries Factory Store. Ps: Not surprisingly, I actually have some common archival boxes loaded with House Ind. type catalogs. I am a hoarder..


Urban Outlaw and Porsche enthusiast Magnus Walker recently journeyed to London’s legendary Ace Café to express what it means to be part of the Porsche family. Featuring a gathering of legendary Porsche models past and present, along with their owners, the video does well to highlight the fact that Porsche owners don’t care so much about the model (unless you have a 996) and more about the drive and feel that is a 911. MBT KITABU GTX SHOES  “If you speak Porsche, MBT LAMI DAMEN you’ve got a friend somewhere.”


Feit continue to make beautiful things out of beautiful hides. Taking that ‘ MBT FORA WOMEN one-piece’ leather feel over to the accessory side of things, this natural leather iPad case caught our eye with its almost uninterrupted beige goodness. Handmade in a family run atelier in Florence, a single vegetable leather skin is moulded over a wooden shape and its edges folded, hammered and secured with glue – MBT Garissa Women not a stitch to be found anywhere. “The leather breathes as it does in nature. It is non irritant, soft to touch, ages richly over time and is biodegradable.” Grab one here..


A Canadian winter isn’t one to be trifled with and no one understands that better than HAVEN’s new in-store line CYPRESS, who have re-adapted Russell Moccasin’s famous Safari “PH” II boot – known more notoriously for adorning professional hunters – to be able to withstand the nation’s penchant for frigid drops in temperature. Comprised of elk and bison leathers to achieve maximum durability, MBT FLAME SCHUHE coupled with a moccasin construction and a slip-proof Vibram Sierra sole, whatever arduous adventure you decide to embark on these boots were designed to take you there. The CYPRESS x Russell Moccasin Co.MBT FORA GTX WOMEN PH II Boot is available exclusively at HAVEN for approximately $718 USD..


Bunny Yeager, born Linnea Eleanor Yeager, may have modeled for some time but is more famous for her work behind the camera. She played a key role in 1954 while photographing the soon to be world famous pin-up model, Betti Page. But her work photographing pin-up and beautiful women alike did not stop with Ms. Page. Over the years she explored the female form in the studio and beyond. Beautiful Backsides is a new photography book collecting Yeager’s photography of the “ NIKE AIR MAX 90 female derriere.” The photography book spans 1950’s through the 1970’s and features more than 213 images shot just about everywhere. Bunny Yeager’s models do bare all. Our photo gallery of the book is definitely labeled with the big ole NSFW. MBT BARIDI WOMEN Published by Schiffer Publishing. Available now from Amazon. More photography from Bunny Yeager’s archive (NSFW) on the following page. Read Full Article


In this case, “urban outdoor living” translates to metropolitan homelessness. It’s not a first either: The week before, N.HOOLYWOOD employed similar inspiration for NYFW:M, something designer Daisuke Obana communicated with slightly less finesse than Gypsy Sport’s Creative Director, Rio Uribe. “This season features designs that embrace [a homeless person’s] unique style of combining traditionally contrasting elements, such as unconventional layering or senses or color, along with experimental sizing,” read Obana’s show notes. NIKE ZOOM WINFLO 3 Uribe took a more overtly heartfelt approach to justifying his inspiration. The designer made it clear that he had already factored in the pros and the cons of a “homelessness inspired collection,” and was trying his damnedest not to end up on the con side of things. Speaking directly to the audience from backstage, Uribe opened by delivering a thoughtful monologue on inclusion, compassion and the tumultuousness of the times. “The Fall/Winter ’17 collection was inspired honestly by people who live on the street and just don’t have much fashion in their life or any of the luxuries that we take for granted,” began the designer before discussing his own firsthand experiences with seeing homelessness in Paris’s refugee camps. “I don’t want anyone who is gay or Muslim or disabled or mentally ill or a veteran or a drug addict or a runaway to have to live on the street just because someone’s not willing to give them a chance. So when you see the looks today, and you see all of the tent shapes all the other styles that we made, I want you to take a second to think about all the people who do live on the street. You don’t have to give everyone a dollar, but just remember you can smile at people and that helps a lot,” Uribe finished before turning the audience’s attention back to the stage, which had been converted into a makeshift tent camp. With two designers taking inspiration from such a vulnerable, often ignored community, one might fear the potential for it to become an empty trend. If that were to occur, it’s easy to envision a scenario in which such collections would fall afoul of this generation’s penchant for clicktavism. Metaphorically employing a group of people, who, due to circumstance, have no choice in what they wear and no voice in the actual fashion community does feel like the grayest of areas between inspiration and exploitation. Eva Al Desnudo Yet Gypsy Sport’s looks – from grooming to styling – didn’t feel as though they were fetishizing or romanticizing the lives of the homeless. Instead, there was a well-conceived offering with plenty of continuity – be it in the heavy use of camo or the constant reappearance of sheer, black, torn spandex material. The allusions to homelessness were less about the actual clothing and apparent in the set design and Uribe’s attention to layering. Paralleling the sartorial choices of those who don’t actually have a choice, the layers did come across as haphazardly put together; a pure result of function rather than style. Uribe didn’t mention it in his show intro, but W Magazine reported that Gypsy Sport was giving part of the collection’s proceeds to the Bowery Mission. In an era where activism has become the new brand hook, it feels particularly significant and sincere that Uribe chose to fly under the radar with what could’ve potentially been the biggest “policy play” NIKE AIR FORCE 1 MID 07 of the show. For the latest fashion week content and updates see be sure to read all of our Fashion Week FW17 stories. Photographer: Eva Al Desnudo


As the substance of FEIT‘s footwear offerings is characteristically pared-down, it seems only fitting that the brand’s newest New York location also fits that same description. Drawing upon the abundance of natural light within the space, FEIT decorated its Manhattan flagship sparingly, using birch plywood installations and mirrors to great effect. The attention is inherently drawn to the neo-artisanal product sitting on shelves of sorts, MBT KISUMU 2 while LED lights separate the retail space from the fitting room and in-house repair facilities. Beautifully raw, the FEIT shop at 2 Prince Street will be opening today, Wednesday, November 19. For those not in the vicinity of New York or a FEIT retailer, hit up the brand’s online store. FEIT 2 Prince St. New York, MBT KISUMU NY 10012 Photography: Thomas Welch for

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