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only pubs as part of 'quality' focus From Oxford Mail

The company's overall pub portfolio now stands at 131 properties.

The pub rationalisation programme helped lift turnover for Brakspear's parent company, JT Davies Sons, by 12 per cent year on year to 19.9m in the 12 months to December 31, 2014.

Brakspear generates more than 90 per cent of the parent company's total turnover.

Another key driver was the managed house division, which increased turnover by 71 per cent to 3.6m.

While Brakspear's core business is owning pubs that the company leases to tenants, or pub operators, it started the managed house division two years ago under which Brakspear both owns and manages five pubs. The rapidly growing business unit now accounts for 18 per cent of total turnover.

Brakspear's profit before tax copy cartier screw bracelet and exceptional items rose 20 per cent year on year to 4.2m in 2014.

Mr Nathan said Brakspear's business strategy since he joined the company in 2010 had been to become "recognised as a leading tenanted and leased pub company".

He said key initiatives to achieve that goal included: recruiting "good quality" tenants; improving the lease agreements with tenants; upgrading marketing across the group; and introducing internal interior design services.

The company copy screw for cartier love bracelet has reinvested the proceeds of recent pub sales cartier bangle screw replica back into the business, including the refurbishment of individual pubs costing between 5,000 and 50,000 for each screw bangle cartier replica site.
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