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Blue shirt - not exclusive to blue-collar class Blue shirt has been...

Blue shirt - not exclusive to blue-collar class Blue shirt has been swept the men's wardrobe for half a century cheap nike dunk shoes, blue shirt, especially blue Oxford shirt is GQ men's wardrobe in addition to white shirt should be prepared in addition to the eternal single product, that blue enough to light the wardrobe In countless boring suit cheap nike shoes online, a single wear is also not publicity, mature and stable. Blue shirt, suit pants are Dolce \u0026 Gabbana tie Hugo Boss blue suit suit, blue shirt are Dolce \u0026 Gabbana tie Hugo Boss shoes Louis Vuitton suit, vest, jeans are Etro shirt Z Zegna shoes Burberry blue shirt Gap leather jacket Tod's washed jeans Levi's lace-up sneakers Hogan tie Boss blue shirt week Monday to Thursday just after the tie to fight cheap nike air max 2017, Wall Street must chic double-breasted to wear, blue shirt and navy blue suit pavilions; Casual Friday to the , Finally can be replaced by jeans trousers, neckline can also be loose, with a close blue shirt at night to go out to drink; Saturday and Sunday on the only wear T-shirt? But when we are relaxed when you dress up, jeans and shoes, leather jackets are normal wear, but just to put the blue shirt to wear a good tie, mix is ​​king. The blue and white shirt in the Alessandro Michele under the catalysis also has a new look cheap air jordan mens, zoom collar to cover the suit only to show fine embroidery cheap nike free shoes, or soft collar lines into a small round neck, blue shirt In his skill to become fine up. Image: Jacky Tam Editor: Jacky Tam, Xiaobin He, Marc Ma Photo: PrimolXue @ JumboPhotograph Studio Makeup: Xue Bingbing Hair: Liu Tao (Dongtian modeling) Model: Ji Huanbo, Wu Wenxiang, Lv Piqiang (Flint), Fashion Assistant: Zhang Chenrui, Wang Siyu lighting, the venue to provide: on the elephant T station photography: INDIGITAL



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