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Parents online shopping all sorts of patterns sunglasses...

Parents online shopping all sorts of patterns sunglasses cheap scottie pippen shoes, 3-year-old boy Tong Tong and therefore love wearing sunglasses, the results of six months after myopia became astigmatism, experts recommend children under the age of 3 should not wear sunglasses cheap nike air max shoes. 3-year-old Tong Tong who lives in Hongshan District, opened in September this year, Tong Tong into kindergarten. Start a few days down, the teacher found Tong Tong's eyes slightly strange. Not only always like to look at things with their eyes, and always see the sun when you can not open your eyes, look near things also always get together very close. Tong Tong's father said that in early August, the children went to Wuhan Children's Hospital for routine physical examination. The doctor said the child's eyes are problematic, left and right eye astigmatism 150 degrees, and left eye myopia 175 degrees, right eye myopia 100 degrees, was not seriously. After school, parents found that every day to pick up their children, Tong Tong always squinting around the eyes to find a family, go close to see, and other children will be able to see the family and rushed over. Parents are aware of the seriousness of the problem. September 6, Tong Tong to children's hospital eye treatment. Chief physician Li Shilian said after the diagnosis of the child suffering from myopic astigmatism, with the original astigmatism have a certain relationship, but a long time to wear sunglasses greater impact. Originally, Tong Tong from March this year began to fall in love with wearing sunglasses nike air max shoes. Parents are online shopping all kinds of novel and unique sunglasses for children to choose. Did not think it is this move, the child's eyes broke. Now the child's vision has been affected, but not to the point where irreversible. After symptomatic treatment, the child's vision or the possibility of recovery. Li Shilian said that most parents think that children are small, the eyes will not be a problem, but also that wearing sunglasses on the child's eyes can play a protective role, but the actual otherwise. This summer, due to wearing sunglasses lead to vision problems come to the treatment of children every month there will be two or three cases. It is understood that children under 3 years of age, visual development in the critical period, 3 to 12 years of age is the visual development sensitive period nike basketball shoes. Moderate sunshine stimulation is conducive to the child's retina, optic nerve, axial normal development. Do not recommend children under the age of 3 wearing sunglasses, in the light can use sun hat, umbrella to protect the child's eyes; 3 years old children cheap retro jordan shoes, can be under strong sunlight to wear sunglasses, wearing time should not be too Long, in the non-glare place should be removed sunglasses. (Reporter Huang Ying)



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